“Arts and Artifacts: Selections from the Louis Bromfield Collection at Malabar Farm”

Earlier this week Tom gave a 90 minute presentation to 26 members of the Lucas Area Historical Society titled “Arts and Artifacts: Selections from the Louis Bromfield Collection at Malabar Farm”.  After retiring from teaching, Tom worked at Malabar Farm State park for five years before retiring (a second time!) to serve on the park’s board of directors.

“The Louis Bromfield collection consists of nearly two-hundred pieces, collected over a thirty year period from the mid 1920s through the mid 1950s. It includes oil and watercolor paintings, bronze sculptures and ceramics, fine art prints, and textiles. The collection also holds a number of pieces of antique French furniture dating to the 18th century, acquired during thirteen years that the Bromfield family lived in France from 1925 to 1938.”  -Tom

Malabar Farm State Park, situated just outside of Mansfield in North Central Ohio, encompasses a working farm with animals, guided tours of Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Bromfield’s sprawling farm house, miles of hiking trails, picnic areas and playground, and a visitor’s center and gift shop.  The park regularly hosts special events and is open year-round.


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These Thousand Acres: The Story Of The Land That Became Malabar Farm

book cover.jpg

Pulitzer Prize winning author Louis Bromfield lived and worked at (and brought fame to) Malabar Farm from 1939 to 1956.  But the story of the land that became Malabar began long before Bromfield arrived.

Mornings are my favorite time at Malabar, that time when the farm is quiet and the animals still, that time of soft mists floating over pale green fields of dew dampened timothy grass and red clover, that time when the Eastern sky is streaked with faint ribbons of pink and purple, the sun still only a promise on the horizon. It was on just such a bucolic summer morning that I first gave voice to my impressions of Malabar with the words “these thousand acres.”

By way of a vaguely ethereal process the phrase “these thousand acres” had come to me out of the gray mists and the rolling green hills of Malabar. Thoughts of this book, These Thousand Acres: The Story of the Land That Became Malabar Farm, developed only bit by bit out of my reflections on these three words.


This book can be purchased from Amazon using the following link:

These Thousand Acres

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Photography & And More at Zazzle

Prints, posters and a wide range products featuring original art and photography are available at Zazzle. We will add new collections on a regular basis. You can view Black Fork Studio’s Zazzle store via this link:



A sample of the products available:

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Original Art at Etsy

Black Fork Studio’s Etsy store is now open! Here you will find available for purchase  original colored pencil and graphite drawings.  The inventory will be updated periodically as Tom completes new drawings. Here is a sneak peak of a few of the drawings currently available.  To visit the Etsy store please follow this link:






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Welcome to Black Fork Studio Arts!

Having retired after 25 years in art education and five years as a park naturalist-aide in the Ohio State Park System, Tom has directed his energy toward personal art, photography and writing projects. His inspiration comes not only from the natural world around him, such as fungi growing from a fallen tree or a seagull perched atop a piece of driftwood, but also from the the man made structures and agricultural implements adding texture to a rustic landscape, and the stories and traditions that weave together into the fabric of rural life.

This blog serves as a place to preview upcoming projects, as well as a directory of where you can find Black Fork Studio art, photography and books online. It will be updated regularly, so please add it to your bookmarks!

Please reach out with any questions or comments at blackforkstudio@gmail.com.
Thank you for your visit, and be sure to scroll down to see updates!


Tom: Artist, Author, Photographer

Laura: Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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